‘Flash’ artist says fans have already seen New 52 Wally West

(CBR) Incoming “The Flash” artist Brett Booth revealed a few more details on April’s New 52 debut of beloved and long-in-limbo former Flash Wally West in an interview published Thursday on Newsarama, including the fairly tantalizing hint that he’s on the cover of “The Flash Annual” #3, released earlier this week.
“Wally is on the cover,” Booth told Newsarama, succinctly. Looking at the image — and disregarding the possibility that the New 52 Wally West is a gorilla — the two main possibilities are the dark blue future Flash at the center of the cover, or the hooded figure spraypainting in the lower-right-hand corner

“He will be different,” Booth said of the Wally readers will meet in April. “For one thing, in the old [DC Universe] he was Iris’s sister’s kid. She has a brother now, so things won’t be exactly the same. The original Wally was from a different time, a very Norman Rockwell sort of place. That is no longer the case for anyone in the New 52. He will reflect that, I’m sure.”
Booth also stated that Wally will “have his own look,” and that readers should be “open to change” with the character.

 Wally West debuted in 1959’s “The Flash” #110, as Barry Allen’s sidekick Kid Flash. Following the death of Barry Allen during “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” Wally became DC Comics‘ primary Flash for most of 1987 to 2009, before Barry Allen returned to life in “Final Crisis.” The character has been completely absent since DC refreshed their continuity with the “New 52” reboot in September 2011, with many vocal fans online and at conventions requesting his return.