The Flash Standalone Movie Won’t Be Racing Into Theaters Anytime Soon

10.15.18 8 months ago 5 Comments

Warner Bros.

The DC favorite the Flash runs at record speeds, but it looks like his stand-alone movie will be slow to arrive. In yet another stumble for the DCEU, the film — in which Ezra Miller will reprise the role he’s played in three DC films, most prominently in last year’s underperforming Justice League — has had its production date pushed back. Thing it, it’s not entirely DC’s fault.

According to Variety, DC decided to retool the script. That’s forced them to delay a shoot that was to have started in March of next year. Problem is, Miller is also tied up in another Warner Bros. product: the Harry Potter-related Fantastic Beasts series, in which he plays eerily pale “Obscurial” Credence Barebone.

Its second episode, which co-stars the now-embattled Johnny Depp, will arrive next month. But the third in the franchise is slated to begin shooting in July, meaning their Flash star will already be tied up. The Flash will also not appear in the forthcoming Aquaman. And so what will likely happen is this: Miller will film the as-yet-untitled third Fantastic Beasts film, grow out his creepy bowl-cut hairdo, and begin shooting the as-yet-untitled Flash movie in late 2019 — i.e., in almost a year.

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