Watch: Light emanates from Florence’s crotch in new F+TM ‘Spectrum’ video

It”s Florence + the Machine meets “Swan Lake” meets “Metropolis” in the British act”s new video, “Spectrum.”

Directed by famed photographer David LaChapelle and John Byrne, the music clip is, as one might imagine, a visual feast, full of stunning, lush colors and images from F+TM namesake Florence Welch”s bright red hair to the blinding white of the dancers” costumes to the glittering city scape populated by Egyptian soldiers.

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The clip opens with Welch (The Machine are nowhere to be found) perched on a pillar, a bright light emanating from her crotch (LaChapelle seems to like this image: as those who saw his visuals for Elton John”s Red Piano show will recall, where he showed a burning crotch). Welch  and her hair, which is chopped into multiple tiers like red rice terraces, then finds herself in the middle of “Swan Lake”  (and ultimately as the dying swan) as she and a younger version of herself dance.

There”s also the city scape filled with glistening building facades and shirtless Egyptian soldiers (or maybe they”re supposed to be building gargoyles–nothing is ever really clear in LaChapelle world, but it is beautiful).

So the clip has no connection whatsoever to the song (other than the line about “say my name and everything illuminates and the crotch light at the beginning) but the images cut beautifully to F+TM”s now familiar cascading music over tribal drums and escalating vocals.

Feel free to leave your interpretation below, otherwise, just enjoy the pretty, pretty images.

Florence +The Machine’s “Breath of Life” is also on the new film, “Snow White and The Huntsman,” which opens Friday.