Watch: Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor and Josh Homme jam on ‘Mantra’

Dave Grohl has has plenty to say for  his new documentary, “Sound City,” about the vaunted Los Angeles studio where such classics as Nirvana”s Nevermind” were recorded. But on “Mantra,” he lets the music do the talking.

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The instrumental, featured on the “Sound City: Real to Reel” soundtrack, out March 12, has Grohl on drums, Queens of the Stone Age”s Josh Homme on bass and Nine Inch Nails” Trent Reznor creating the melody on keyboards.

It”s nearly eight minutes of improvisation. The first few minutes find the trio getting locked into a fairly steady tempo, but around the 4:50 mark, Homme”s bass takes over and the tune slightly shifts, but there”s not a song in the traditional sense of any kind here. That”s not to say it isn”t fun to watch Grohl bash away and Reznor make like “Peanuts”” Schroeder as he plinks out a tune, but unless you”re looking for some kind of tutorial, you won”t need to watch this more than once.

 Next up for the Sound City Players is a stop at SXSW next week, where Grohl will deliver the keynote address. Also check out Grohl’s “Fortunate Son” performance with John Fogerty from Tuesday night’s “The Jimmy Kimmel Show.”