‘Forever Evil’ #2 gets to know the Crime Syndicate

(CBR) “Forever Evil” #2 is out this Wednesday from DC Comics, and series writer Geoff Johns discussed a bit of what to expect in an interview posted on Buzzfeed Tuesday.
“In issue #2 we’ll delve a little more into the Crime Syndicate as a group and individually, so we”ll get to know Ultra Man, Johnny Quick, Power Ring, and the others,” Johns said. “Each one of them has a very different opinion on what they should be doing here on earth. We”ll reveal a little bit more about why they”re here and why they left their earth, and we”ll also start to unpeel another story.”
In the interview, Johns again calls Lex Luthor the “protagonist” of “Forever Evil,” a seven-issue event miniseries illustrated by David Finch and Richard Friend.
“Lex Luthor, we explore him a little bit outside of being Lex and the suit,” Johns said. “There will be one particular character that he connects with that will actually force him to open up like we”ve never seen Lex open up before. That”s the point of this series, to pry open some of these villains, get deeper than we usually do. We”re going to get pretty dark these next few months.”
Johns, who also serves as DC Entertainment’s chief creative officer, called the company’s antagonists “the best villains in fiction,” and shared some insight on what they’re up to when not plaguing superheroes.
“Captain Cold”s definitely a hockey fan,” Johns told Buzzfeed. “He goes to games on his days off. I think the Rogues actually have alarm clocks, all wake up at six and go to a regular job and meet for coffee. I think all these guys have to have a life outside of this.”
“Forever Evil” #2 is out Oct. 2.