Fox to air 4 episodes of Charlie Sheen’s ‘Anger Management’ amid ratings decline

Fox to air 4 episodes of Charlie Sheen’s “Anger Management” amid ratings decline

Starting next Monday, Fox will air two new and two old episodes of the FX comedy, which has seen its ratings fall steadily since debuting to a whopping 5.74 million viewers.

Tyler Perry delivers record ratings to OWN

“The Have and Have Nots” debuted to 1.77 million viewers, the highest-rated series premiere in OWN history. PLUS: Online petition calls on Oprah to dump Perry over his racial stereotypes.

Why Netflix’s model of releasing all episodes at once is terrible: It diminishes the TV watercooler
“The current Netflix strategy,” says Richard Lawson, “eliminates watercooler chat, it saps the experience of speculation, of theorizing, of cautious optimism or nervous despair. The all-at-once release does a number on conversation, essentially, and conversation seems to be a large part of why many people watch television these days.”

Katie Couric recalls going on dates with Jeff Probst and Bob Saget
Katie tells Howard Stern of her date with the “Survivor” host: “I think he had puka shells on, though, that was kind of a weird thing.”

Smosh, YouTube’s No. 1 channel, may jump to TV

Smosh recently crossed the 10 million-subscriber mark. Now it’s exploring a possible cable TV home.

NBC recasting 2 roles on “Undateable”

One actress, Briga Heelan, already had another of her pilots picked up.

Mark Feuerstein makes a “Royal Pains” rap video to catch everybody up
“We’re going back to the back to the beach y’all.”

Why is TV sex so unsexy?

There’s plenty of sex on television these days, but much of it lacks eroticism or desire.

“Ugly Americans” canceled

The creators of the Comedy Central series used a cartoon drawing on the show’s Facebook page to announce that there won’t a Season 3.

Why so much “Arrested Development” hate?

The Netflix season seems to have brought out the worst in everybody. PLUS: Netflix exec says “fans love the show” despite the critics, why few people are pirating “Arrested,” the Netflix season is as good as any comedy on TV nowadays, and the Netflix “Arrested’ is a lesson in less is more.

Late-night demos, examined: Men love Jay Leno

In fact, Leno’s biggest audience comes from older men in Middle America.

“Game of Thrones” creator George R.R. Martin’s life becomes a comic book

Martin is the subject of a comic biography. PLUS: Martin is releasing a “Thrones” coffee table book.

Could “Mad Men’s” Bob Benson be gay?
Matthew Weiner could be using Josh Wolk’s character as a set-up for the Stonewall riots of 1969.

GQ gets Marc Maron to interview himself
“Why would you ask me that?”

“Nashville”: TV’s most feminist show?
Neither Rayna nor Juliette is a feminist, but the country music drama is surprisingly feminist.

College seniors recreate the “Friends” opening  credits

Check out the video from Elon University students.

Fox reality guru Mike Darnell was the Frankenstein of reality TV
The departing Fox exec made reality a permanent TV genre and was responsible for redefining the word celebrity.

“Vampire Diaries” star Candice Accola gets engaged
She plans on marrying Fray Guitarist Joe King.

Nickelodeon opens The Nick Shop

Nick’s first-ever retail space has debuted inside a Toys”R”Us in Times Square.

ABC’s “Dancing Fools” isn’t as highbrow as “Dancing with the Stars”
The reality competition, premiering tonight, is “America’s Funniest Home Videos” meets a dancing competition.