‘Game of Thrones’: The Night’s King is Here, Plotting THIS

Game of Thrones gave fans a finale that is nearly universally beloved and features one of – if not the – strongest sequences the show has ever produced with “The Winds of Winter.”

There was one character that was notably missing, however…


The Night's King did not make an appearance in the Game of Thrones season 6 finale. However, we were given a hint about where the icy leader of an undead army may be, and what he is likely plotting.

As Donna Dickens points out, Benjen Stark (a.k.a. Coldhands) dropped Bran and Meera Reed off at the Wall telling them that he was unable to cross over, as he is not one of the living.

What does that mean for the Night's King?

It's why he and his army are, currently, trapped behind the Wall and unable to go South. The magic in the stones acts as a barrier that they cannot cross. Some are speculating that when the Night's King touched Bran's arm that he marked him and is now able break through those protections as long as Bran crosses them first.