Was ‘The Winds of Winter’ opening the best ‘Game of Thrones’ sequence ever?

There was an awful lot to unpack in last night's Game of Thrones season finale, which I wrote about at length last night, so Roth Cornet and I dug into all of it in our final GoT Fandemonium chat of the season, starting with my assertion – which admittedly may be a victim of recency bias – that the opening segment in King's Landing was the single best thing the series has ever done. (The video, as usual, is embedded at the top and bottom of this post.)

Along the way, we also talked about the line of succession, where things stand between Sansa and Jon, Arya's revenge, and the question of whether Dany and Jon could wed, now that we know that she's his:

A fun conversation about a fantastic finale. Now that you've had half a day to think on it, how you feeling about all that went down in “The Winds of Winter”?