Maisie Williams Kept One Prop From The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Set

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08.09.18 3 Comments


It’s fun to imagine the final day of filming for a long-running TV show looking like the “Big Sweep” from Supermarket Sweep. The director yells “…and that’s a series wrap,” then madness ensues as the cast and crew runs all over the set looking for souvenirs (or turkeys) to put in their proverbial grocery carts. That’s, of course, not how it actually works. Instead, in the case of Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, she asked to keep one prop, and her wish was granted.

While speaking on BBC Radio 1’s The Radio1 Breakfast Show, Williams revealed that she’s the proud owner of Arya’s brown jacket. “I can imagine it being something that I’m like, ‘Oh, I was on this show once upon a time and this was the jacket I wore,'” she said. “And my grandkids being like, ‘Please stop.’” When you’ve heard one story about your grandmother playing an assassin on a show with copious amounts of sex and violence, you’ve heard them all.

Williams also discussed her final day of filming (which, unfortunately, did not involve gigantic cheese blocks). “Get the kleenex out. I bawled and I tried to do a speech,” she said. “I got back to my trailer and I was like, ‘I can’t even remember what I just said.’ I probably just whittled on for, like, half an hour. I grew up with these people. It really is like cutting an arm off.”

Note: that arm-cutting comment is not a Game of Thrones spoiler (UNLESS IT IS). We’ve been down that road before.

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