New ‘Godzilla’ Toy Designs Offer The First Decent Glimpses Of Mothra, Rodan And King Ghidorah

12.02.18 8 months ago 4 Comments


Yes, the teaser for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, released a couple months back, showed you the other, non-Godzilla monsters, namely: Mothra, the giant flying moth; Rodan, the giant flying pteranodon; and King Ghidorah, the giant flying three-headed dragon. But they were only glimpses — blink-and-miss images you had to pause to truly grok. But thanks to toy designers who want to get a jump on sales, our first clean and clear idea of how the classic kaiju will look in the film, out in late May, comes courtesy of a tweet of photos taken at a convention.

This one comes from Dread Central, who caught an attendee at the Tokyo Comic Con, who spotted decent-sized toy replicas of the three monsters. That means we now have a good idea of what modern, CGI, non-dudes-in-a-rubber-suits versions of the trio will look like. And lo and behold: They’re more realistic-looking than their Toho originals — or as realistic as flying reptiles, dinos, and super-dragons can be.

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