Green Day plans two documentaries to accompany three new studio sets

07.09.12 7 years ago

Three albums are clearly not enough: Green Day will also have two documentaries coming out this fall and winter.

As previously reported, the Bay Area punk pop band will release three albums, “Uno!,” “Dos!,” and “Tre!,”  between September and January. Now comes word that a documentary chronicling the creation of the three sets will also come out this fall. Additionally, a documentary covering the trio”s pre-”Dookie” days will also be released, according to Billboard, which broke the news.

The unnamed film covering the creation of the three new albums is not “going to be the sitting-down, head-shot of me going ‘we started out ‘blah, blah, blah.” W wanted to get into lifestyles of rock ‘n roll…and letting the story kind of tell itself rather than create revisionist [history],” Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong told Billboard.

Tim Lynch, who previously worked with Green Day on “Bullet in a Bible” concert flick, and Tim Wheeler are shooting the documentaries.  Wheeler co-produced and edited “The White Stripes Under Great Northern Lights.”  Film making will continue as Green Day plays some upcoming concert dates at international festivals. The hope is that the film will debut the Sundance Film Festival in January. Shooting for the doc commenced more than a year and a half ago as Lynch and Wheeler have followed the band in the studio and select club performances.

“Dookie,” the group’s third album, came out in 1994 and was Green Day’s major-label debut.


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