Watch: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’s’ Michael Rooker on talking in Yondu’s native tongue

Meet the world’s hottest new superhero: “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Michael Rooker.

“Yondu is going to be a very central character, of course,” the actor told us while promoting the upcoming Marvel film at San Diego Comic-Con. “He is an outer space sex symbol, yes. And he’s got an awesome, awesome hairdo, a body to die for, and some really cool boots.”

Okay, so he was joking on that last part. Ditto when he told us “English is my fourth language,” a statement which applies not to Rooker but rather to his Centaurian character, whose native race speaks in a series of clicks, whistles and grunts. So is that something we’ll be seeing in the finished film?

“We just had a tiny little conversation about that the other day,” he said. “You know, as you talk about your characters, you talk about…you know, what’s cool, what would be cool, what would not be cool, whatever. And we did have a little conversation…a mini little conversation about the language. And so…that’s all I’m gonna spill, but we have talked about it, yeah. We’ve touched base on that, yeah.”

To check out the full interview – during which Rooker’s co-star Dave Bautista tells us what it was like seeing himself as Drax the Destroyer on-screen for the first time – click on the video above.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” is slated for release on August 1, 2014. To watch the full Marvel panel from Comic-Con click here.