HitFix Daily Snap: The ‘Survivor’ season that deserves more love

Some shows just don't need to be canceled. Why ever cancel 'Survivor'? We don't tire of the conceit. It's not like “American Idol” where the glory of winning depends on our investment in an artist's market potential. “Survivor” is about “Survivor” and that''s that. Though quality may vary from season to season, we're never bored of the ludicrous machinations and maddening puzzle challenges. 

As we process the “Worlds Apart” finale, let's pick an underrated season to spotlight: I think “Survivor: Philippines” deserves a bit more credit — not only because Denise Stapley was a valiant and cool winner, but because Lisa Whelchel's arc on the show was, um, astounding? She went from being a self-assigned, miserable hermit to a real player and pseudo-philosopher who was both sincere and successfully manipulative. A rare kind of character, even for “Survivor.”

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