HitFix Daily Snap: Why is “Jeopardy!” so important? A contestant tells you.

So today I'm on “Jeopardy!”, an American game show created by Merv Griffin to make nerds learn hand-eye coordination. This was awhile before video games and Devil Sticks, you understand.

“Jeopardy!” is kind of like crossword puzzles in that the skills required are not applicable anywhere else. You learn “Jeopardy!” from watching “Jeopardy!”. Maybe you brush up on your Shakespeare and your kings of England too. And maybe you practice your buzzer skills on a click pen or a springy toilet paper spool. But “Jeopardy!” is not like any other trivia experience since it's a speed-oriented reflex game, a spelling bee shoved inside a pinball machine. I think people underestimate this. If we don't have “Jeopardy!”, we don't have the only TV game show that merges memory and quickdraw agility. Let's always remember what a singular phenomenon this is. OK? Also: Root for me! You can help celebrate by revisiting this list of hilarious Final Jeopardy! responses.

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