HitFix Harpy has a daily FB Live show and YOU should be watching it

Welcome to the inaugural episode of HitFix Harpy”s latest show, CVMT. Every day (more or less), I”ll be taking to Facebook Live to talk about (C)omics, (V)ideo Games, (M)ovies, and (T)elevison. Sometimes it”ll be news, sometimes a recommendation, occasionally a rant. Or – knowing me – oftentimes a rant.

Each episode will be available live on my Facebook Page! Or tune in here to find links with more information about the topics at hand!

Please pardon my dust as I discover I”m old AF and have no idea what I”m doing when is comes to FB Live. I swear it will get better. I mean, it can”t possibly get worse. Two weeks before San Diego Comic-Con is a great time to start a new show, right?

Here”s that GREEN ARROW exclusive.

• Watch an amazing “news reel” for Captain America Peggy!

• Check out ladies geeking out over ghost busting tech. Honestly, the whole Ghostbusters twitter feed is a gem.

•  Watch Queen of the South for free. Do it. Do it now!