Honest Trailers takes on CW’s ‘Flash,’ makes dig at ‘Batman v Superman’

The gang at Honest Trailers usually uses their comedy skills on movies but this time around their aim is on The CW's The Flash.

The Flash Season 3 will premiere on The CW tonight to kick off their Flashpoint storyline. But before that, let us all take a look back at what we've seen so far and how silly it can get. I actually adore the show, the work of Grant Gustin and the rest of the cast, but it has its moments of head-tilt.

Fair warning, while there's a few excellent digs in here, this one is nowhere near as brutal as some of their recent work. But that's probably just because The Flash is actually pretty great.

Will you be watching the return of The Flash tonight? I will be, though I'm also pretty hyped for that 4-show crossover.