Danny Pudi, Matt Lanter on what prize they deserve for being in the DC-Marvel crossover club

There is a select but growing group of actors who have been in projects from both of the major comic book companies, Marvel and DC.

Community alum Danny Pudi and Matt Lanter (90210Heroes) are both in this club, and we chatted with both of them at San Diego Comic-Con.

Pudi scored a small part in Captain America: The Winter Soldier thanks to his connection with the Russo brothers, who directed the 2014 Marvel movie and produced several seasons of Community.

He”s now in new workplace comedy/superhero series Powerless, which will premiere on NBC mid-season. The series is about insurance adjusters specializing in regular-people coverage against damage caused by crime-fighting superheroes. Pudi talks about his character Teddy and makes a funny observation about how superheroes and us regular folk are different in the video interview below:

Lanter, meanwhile, has supplied his voice to a few Marvel animated TV and video game projects, including a multi-season presence on Ultimate Spider-Man as Harry Osborn, Flash Thompson, and Venom. On the DC side, he voiced Aquaman in last year”s direct-to-video Justice League: Throne of Atlantis.

(He was also eager to point out that he”s in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as Anakin.)

Surely the folks in this special DC-Marvel crossover club must get some kind of members” badge or certificate? I asked Lanter (at Comic-Con promoting new time travel series Timeless) what prize he should get for being in this distinguished group and he said, “I need a Captain America shield next to a Batman emblem – a medal or something. Or maybe I should just go with my [Aquaman] trident.”

I asked Pudi the same question, and he said, “Umm more jobs!” Which is probably exactly the prize he”ll get.