Interview: Lindsey Cascaddan talks ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’

It's likely that Lindsey Cascaddan's “Survivor: Worlds Apart” run will be remembered for her disagreements with the men in her Blue Collar tribe, escalating frustrations that had her targeting first buffoonish Dan, then slave-driving Mike and finally boorish Rodney in three consecutive episodes.

After interviewing the 24-year-old Florida hairdresser, I'm disappointed with didn't get to see more. Lindsey's read on her male tribemates is perceptive and nuanced in a way that Lindsey was never really given the chance to be on “Survivor.” 

Instead, Lindsey was constantly on the defensive, fighting with the guys while simultaneously expressing great Blue Collar pride. 

And in her exit interview, even while lamenting the sexism she fought at the Blue Collar camp, Lindsey thinks there was a valuable lesson that she was able to convey through her experience, even if she wasn't able to stick around for very long.

Click for the full Q&A and see if that lesson comes through…

HitFix: Going back to that final Tribal Council. How confident were you going in that the plan you thought you were a part of involving Rodney going home was actually gonna happen?

Lindsey Cascaddan: You know I was more confident in the fact that I thought our tribe wanted to play this game with a certain type of person, maybe not necessarily me but definitely not Rodney. So although I would not call it a blindside I thought that we were on the same page as far as just wanting to get him out so that we could have a little bit more unity in our tribe. I”m not sure “confident” is the word but I saw that going a little bit differently. When I saw the three-way split, though, I kind of knew what was going on.

HitFix: What was your reaction and did any part of you at least kind of hope that Sierra might end up actually being the real target or did you know it had to be you at that point?