Interview: Vince Sly talks ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’

Vince Sly does not have a feather in his hair as we talk in the aftermath of his “Survivor: Worlds Apart” elimination. 

We're on the phone, so I have to take his word for it. 

Vince also notes that he's not a coconut vendor, even if that's how he was introduced on “Survivor.” He owns Coconut Caravan and that is, indeed, business that sells coconuts, but that's only a weekend job. He's actually a holistic counselor and owner of four art galleries.

Yes, Vince says things like, “I”ll never badmouth anybody in the show because you really are the center of your own microcosmic universe when you”re out there. Every thought, emotion, feeling, sentiment you have feels like it”s going to alter all of existence no matter what you do.”

But he also says far more pragmatic things like noting that the difference between him and The Barbie Block in his No Collar tribe was that the lifestyle he lives is one that he's chosen and not a youthful uncertainty of trying to figure out what's next. I completely buy that this would be the thing that separated him from the Jenn/Joe/Hali alliance that ended up voting him out. 

Vince also takes exception to the way the editing portrayed his crush on Jenn and his rivalry with Joe.

Click through for the full Q&A, because what Vince says sounds pretty plausible, albeit occasionally trippy…

HitFix: Was it hard to watch last night”s episode or was it easy?

Vince Sly: Oh it was great. I was with some of my now closest friends and some new fans had offered us a beautiful viewing room. So I really couldn”t have asked for much more. It was great.