Ioan Gruffudd lives ‘Forever’ in trailer for new ABC series

Among all the new series heading to ABC in the fall is “Forever,” a supernatual comedy-drama starring Ioan Gruffudd.

A little bit Sherlock Holmes and a little bit “Groundhog Day,” the series centers on handsome coroner Dr. Henry Morgan (Gruffudd), who has a special advantage over all the other handsome coroners in NYC: He can't die. Every time he buys the farm, he wakes up in his birthday suit in the East River. A curious and, naturally, good looking detective named Jo Martinez (“Law & Order's” Alana De La Garza) starts to look into Morgan's strange past, while Morgan himself tries to unlock the reason for his immortality. 

TV legend Judd Hirsch is along for the ride as well, as a father figure who knows Morgan's secret. He also adds to the trailer's overall comic tone, and hopefully the dark humor wins out over such “dramatic” lines as “You might not be able to die but you haven't lived!

Watch the trailer here:

“Forever” also stars Eve Harris (“Prison Break”), Donnie Keshawarz (“24”)  and Joel David Moore (“Bones”).

“Chuck” vet Matt Miller wrote the pilot and will act as executive producer alongside Dan Lin (“the Lego Movie”) and Jennifer Gwartz (“Veronica Mars”). Brad Anderson (“The Call,” “Happy Accidents”) directed the premiere episode.

“Forever” premieres this fall on ABC.