The Original ‘Iron Man’ Suit Worth Over $300,000 Is Missing


It doesn’t matter if it’s lobsters, Oscars, maple syrup, or hurricanes — we here at Uproxx love a good heist. And they don’t get much better than someone (or possibly, SOMEONES) breaking into a Los Angeles storage facility to steal the crimson-and-gold suit that Robert Downey, Jr. wore in Iron Man. It’s a historically significant pop culture artifact — the 2008 film kicked off the multi-billion dollar grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe — and now it’s gone.

Was it you? (I’m pointing at Mickey Rourke, still in character as Whiplash.)

Investigators with the Los Angeles Police Dept. said the head, chest, leg and arms of used in the 2008 movie were last seen at a storage facility in February and has been missing since April. The costume is reportedly worth $320,000, and the Marvel fervor seen over the past few years might have something to do with the disappearance.

The owners of the Pacoima movie prop storage facility where the costume was supposed to be stored checked the space Tuesday and called police when they didn’t find it.

It’s possible the suit was misplaced and it’s still in the facility (which I assume looks like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark), but nah, let’s go with the heist premise. (It was obviously Titus from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.) Which begs the question: If you could steal any object from the MCU in an elaborate Ocean’s 11-style caper, what would you take? I’ll begin: Hela’s antlers.

(Via KCBS)

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