Is ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ a laugh riot? Tom Cruise seems to think so

06.02.14 5 years ago

Hey, did you know “Edge of Tomorrow” is actually a laugh riot? Let Tom Cruise tell you.

“I really like a character comedy,” says Cruise of the forthcoming sci-fi film. “To me, this is a very funny movie.”

Okay, so maybe it's not a total comedy – but as Cruise notes, director Doug Liman knows a thing or two about finding humor in unexpected places.

“In Doug's films, he has a unique comedy…he has a good sense of drama-comedy, he's got a good sense of character comedy that kinda makes you go, 'oooh!' you know? But it still makes you laugh.”

So how would Cruise describe his character, a military officer caught in a “Groundhog Day”-style time loop during a brutal futuristic war with an alien race?

“He's an unabashed coward, basically,” says the actor. Oh, boy.

Other things we learned from the interview: Tom Cruise has admired Emily Blunt “from her very first films” and Tom Cruise's exo-suit in the movie weighed 120 pounds!

Watch the full interview above (and a more bite-sized clip below).

“Edge of Tomorrow” hits theaters this Friday. You can read Drew's review of the film here.

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