Is ‘Superman Unchained’s’ creative team sticking around?

(CBR) UPDATE: 10-8-13 @ 7:15 AM – Scott Snyder has added on Twitter, “This ARC is 9-10 issues. Series is ongoing, and Jim & have said to each other, and publicly, we’re playing it by ear in terms of whether we’ll do the next arc, or let someone else. But we’re enjoying working together a lot, so we’ll see.”
In an interview with artist and DC Entertainment co-publisher Jim Lee published Saturday by the Los Angeles Times, current DC Comics series “Superman Unchained” is stated twice to be running for nine issues, rather than as an ongoing series as widely presumed. DC has confirmed that while Lee and writer Scott Snyder’s initial arc of the series will run for nine issues, details on the book’s future past that point won’t be made public until further down the line.

“Superman Unchained” is described in the article’s introduction as a nine-issue series, and when asked about the status of “Batman: Europra,” a project first announced in 2004, the LA Times added another reference to “Unchained” as a nine-issue series.

“That”s a project I began a while back when I was living in Italy for a year,” Lee’s quote reads. “It’s still on deck. I’ve gotten sidetracked with other projects. I’m working currently on [the nine-issue series] ‘Superman Unchained’ with a writer named Scott Snyder.”

“Superman Unchained” was first announced as an untitled Snyder/Lee collaboration a year ago at New York Comic Con. Three issues have been released thus far, and the series has been solicited through December’s issue #6. No mention has been made in DC’s official materials of the series having a finite run.