Jason Schwartzman, Adam Scott & preferred terms for penis: On ‘The Overnight’

PARK CITY, UTAH — “The Overnight” was Taylor Schilling's first movie after she shot runaway hit Netflix show “Orange Is the New Black.” Its male co-stars Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott are enjoying the height of acclaim for their latest projects, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Parks & Recreation,” respectively. “The Overnight” features serious conversations about fidelity, lingering body issues and making friends as adults.

But another truth about this Sundance film: it features double full-frontal male nudity.

And colorful language for one dude's member. Or schlong. Or snake. If you're Adam Scott, you have your own preferred term for, say, “giant horse c*ck.”

“I really think 'unit' is funny, or joint,” Scott told HitFix during our sit-down interview for “The Overnight.”

The most comedic term for penis “depends” for Schwarzman. “I like 'unit,' or 'manhood.' I used to really like 'Johnson,' though I feel like it's overused.”

The particulars of the script and the circumstances in “The Overnight” called for the actors to don prosthetic penises for their nude scenes. And, one other fun fact, the prosthetics needed to be “wrung out” after shooting a swimming pool scene.

Though, really, while those were funny scenes, “I really love what the characters are going through… and Jason's character's really helps [my character] come out of his shell. It's super sincere and he really helps Alex, my character, come out and feel good about himself. He never expected to feel this way about himself and his body,” Scott said. “This guy was really generous with him.”

Schwartzman said that his Silverlake-bound L.A. weirdo role came out fully formed in the script, as the kind of guy who actually calls something a “seriously delicious situation” and means it. 

“We love this guy… it's a performance, he's trying just as much,” Schwartzman says of his character Kurt.

Audiences have shown the love for Schwarzman's latest outing with Wes Anderson, “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” which is now up for a Best Picture Oscar.

“It's a great movie. Who knows why something connects with people,” Schwartzman said of that film. “Its a mega-mix of all these techniques, stop motion… it's very fun to watch, its an adventure story.”

As Scott's adventure with “Parks & Recreation” winds down — the show just entered its final season — he can sit back and appreciate that the NBC show is basking in its best ratings since its inception.

“Finally we got a different night. We were all pleased to be moved off a Thursday [slot],” Scott said. “Whether the ratings are good or not, I'm just as thrilled and proud of the show. It's nice to see people are watching and really loving the new episodes.”

Watch HitFix's full interview with the actors below, with just the dick talk above. “The Overnight” plays all week at Sundance.