Jeff Goldblum Explains The Plot Of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ In Trademark Goldblum Fashion

Jeff Goldblum is a weird delight and this 8-minute with Games Radar is your latest piece of evidence to support that. Not only does he open with a short musical intro based on Jurassic Park, he punches up his oddball energy to discuss Thor: Ragnarok and give a jovial plot description in 10 seconds. If we didn’t get him in Thor: Ragnarok and had to see him in Captain America instead, things might be pretty disappointing. He seems readymade to play a cosmic being named the Grandmaster, forcing people to battle for his delight.

We also get to find out that Goldblum prefers tea over coffee, would delete hatred and intolerance from the world if he could, would probably have sex with a dinosaur and a dragon, loves the idea of a duck-sized tyrannosaurus, and would remake The Fly by transfusing with a dolphin this time instead of a nasty bug.

Goldblum just seems to bounce around and meander through life, almost enjoying every little positive detail to its full potential. There’s also a hint of cannibalism in there while he’s being asked to choose between Loki and Thor for some reason. There’s a severe lack of Hulk talk here, though, but it’s easy to let it slide. We just forget all about that disappointment and want to sit down to watch documentaries with Goldblum and ponder what new flavors of snow cones there could be.

It could go well.

(Via Games Radar)