Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise still teasing ‘Top Gun 2,’ now with photos

Ah, “Top Gun 2,” the movie that may or may not happen for years and years now. We're definitely more in the “may happen” category these days, as producer Jerry Bruckheimer posted a photo with the first film's star. You may know him.


Yes, apparently Bruckheimer and Maverick met up over the weekend to talk about a possible sequel! And Tom Cruise (or, more likely, whoever runs his social media accounts) retweeted Bruckheimer's photo, so you know it's legit.

Bruckheimer has spoken about the sequel over the years, most recently saying it would be about drones making pilots obsolete, and Maverick attempting to prove that they aren't. That sounds all well and good, but the “Top Gun 2” I was really excited about was the one that Val Kilmer accidentally teased a few months ago, starring Gene Hackman and directed by Francis Ford Coppola.