The bad words fly in new ’22 Jump Street’ red band trailer

04.10.14 5 years ago 3 Comments

Yesterday, we posted the first clip from the upcoming “22 Jump Street.”  It leaned towards some child-like humor, referencing the ever-popular “Dora the Explorer.”  The new red band trailer for the Phil Lord-Chris Miller directed sequel to “21 Jump Street” steers away from Nickelodeon and much more towards the four letter words.

In fact, there is a shortened moment from the “Dora the Explorer” referencing scene which eliminates the discussion of Dora, Diego, Boots, and Swiper.  It instead offers just one of many F-bombs that you'll get to bear witness to if you watch the trailer.

Click play on the nearly three minute long endeavor and here's what you'll note instantly – every other word out of Ice Cube's mouth seems to begin with an “F.”  Well, they do except when they're a compound word beginning with “M” where the second half begins with “F.”  Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum get their opportunity with the bad words as well, but really nowhere near the amount Ice Cube does and Cube is in the trailer a lot less than the two leads.  In short, he curses an impressive number of times, and if he keeps up that pace for his entire time on screen we would be curious to see a final count on his naughty words.

As for the ultimate question – will it convince you to see the movie?  Ice Cube actually provides an answer there as well.  He points out that this case is pretty much the same case as the last case.  In other words, if you liked “21 Jump Street,” you're probably going to get a kick out of the sequel.

“22 Jump Street” hits theaters on June 13th, and even if it doesn't have a rating yet we think “R” is a pretty safe bet.

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