Channing Tatum talks ‘Dora the Explorer’ in ’22 Jump Street’ clip

04.09.14 5 years ago

The first clip from the upcoming “22 Jump Street” has hit the via MTV, and if there is one thing that is clear about Channing Tatum's Jenko in the Phil Lord-Chris Miller directed sequel, it's that Jenko isn't particularly good with accents.  If there are two things that are clear, it's the accent one and that Jenko isn't able to come up with clever, detailed, lies while using an accent.

Jenko gets put on the spot by Jonah Hill's Schmidt in the minute long clip while the two men are, apparently, pretending to be Latino gangsters trying to make a drug buy.  As you will see if you watch, it isn't that Schmidt has a good accent, it's much more that he commits to the moment while all Jenko can muster when pressed for a story about his crazy adventure is that it was with “Dora, and Diego, and Swiper.” 

Actually, Jenko tosses in a moment about Boots being a bad guy as well, so maybe we're not giving him enough credit here.  Sure, the accent is awful, but Jenko is able to play around enough with the “Dora the Explorer” mythology that he makes the evil Swiper (Swiper, no swiping!) a good guy and made the lovable Boots a bad guy.  There could be a true method to Jenko's madness.

Check it out and tell us what you think – is Jenko being clever or is he so scared that he can't keep his Dora characters straight.

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