The Original ‘Justice League’ Script Would Have Been A Massive Introduction To The DC Universe

12.05.17 4 months ago 5 Comments

Warner Bros.

The results from the release of Justice League have likely been underwhelming for DC Comics fans and Warner Bros. The latest reports say the film may not top the box office returns for Man Of Steel, though this does not seem to have scuttled the future of the DCEU at Warner. But over at The Wrap, fans are getting a look at what might’ve been with Justice League courtesy of the film’s original script.

The script predates the end of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel, with a universe that is already full of heroes and villains from across DC Comics’ history. As Slash Film points out, the script featured 28 supporting characters along with the main members of the Justice League and Darkseid as the main villain. According to The Wrap, the story would begin with a Darkseid’s minion Desaad stealing Kryptonite during what they call “a stunning set piece between Batman, Superman, KGBeast, Killer Croc and Lex Luthor that includes a shark tank shattering on the upper floors of Lexcorp Tower“:

* While 2016’s “Batman v Superman” would pit the heroes against each other, the 2011 script imagined them as allies who know each others’ identities and have coffee at Metropolis Diner, where they chat about other DC superheroes like Diana (Wonder Woman), Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Aquaman. They soon travel to Central City to recruit Barry Allen, aka The Flash.

* Amanda Waller and King Faraday run the Department of Metahuman Affairs and seize Killer Croc’s body. We also meet Abel Terrant (Tattooed Man), Copperhead, Barbara Minerva (Cheetah) and Solomon Grundy. Waller and Croc eventually met in 2016’s “Suicide Squad.”

* In deep space, Green Lantern John Stewart and Thanagarian Katar Hol, aka Hawkman, engage in a cool action sequence inside a space-station nightclub as they try to stop Kanjar Ro from helping Dessad weaponize the Kryptonite. The first act ends with Superman kidnapped by Steppenwolf and the Parademons and taken back to Apokolips.

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