Justin Bieber’s good, bad and ugly week: David Letterman, ‘Believe’ and One Direction

It”s been a mixed week for Justin Bieber. To be sure, the scales tipped to the positive, given that his new album “Believe” is guaranteed to come in at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart next week (and if his tweets are to be believed, in 34 countries overall), but he got kicked around a little bit on television.

His two-part NBC special, “Justin Bieber: All Around the World,” to put it politely, tanked in the ratings. That”s not all that surprising given that Bieber”s tween audience prefers to get its Bieber fixes online  via his endless Tweets and video updates.

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Then David Letterman turned on Bieber, accosting him for getting a new tattoo (and if it was really that new, Letterman”s grabbing his arm had to hurt like hell) and making fun of Bieber for referring to the Sistine Chapel as the Sixteenth Chapel. Hey, while the rest of the kids his age are in school learning such valuable information, Bieber was out making millions. To be sure, Bieber may want to bone up on some of the world”s most famous works of art, but Letterman seemed a a bit of a bully to us.

Bieber took the high road and didn”t tweet about Letterman, but he had only kind words for Letterman”s fellow late-night host, Jimmy Fallon, who somewhat breathlessly hosted a YouTube Q&A live chat with the teen star.  The 35-minute session included revisiting how Bieber got his start by uploading videos of himself starting in 2007, leading manager Scooter Braun to find him. The rest is history.

Bieber revealed that he and Mark Wahlberg, with whom he plays hoops, are thinking about making a film together. “We are actually doing a movie, hopefully, a basketball movie,” he told Fallon.

In a dream scenario for girls aged 12-14 the world over, Bieber told British paper The Daily Mirror that he and the guys in One Direction were contemplating working together for the boy band”s next album: “We were talking about me collaborating with them on a song on their next album. It’s gonna be great,” he said, noting that he and the quintet had spent some time hanging by Bieber”s pool.   Then Braun further fueled the fire, according to The Huffington Post,  tweeting that a duet was “very possible.” The move is interesting given that Braun manages competing boy band The Wanted.

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