Watch: Ken Jeong talks ‘Community’ finale and the future of Chang

Ken Jeong is keeping mum on the future of his “Community” character Ben Chang – though if it were up to him, his run on the NBC series might never end.

“I can’t give any spoilers away on ‘Community,’ I’m sorry,” Jeong told HitFix’s Gregory Ellwood of the possibility that Chang may leave the series following the completion of Season 4. “But I’ll be honest man, those guys…I mean, ‘Community’ is my TV family, and nothing would make me happier than to see the show continue, going on six seasons and a movie, man. Nothing I’m doing right now changes how I feel about that show, and anything that I’m doing in the business is not changing how I feel about ‘Community,’ because I would love to be with them forever…they’re like family to me.”

Of course, the perennial bubble series’ renewal for a fifth season is far from a sure thing, with the show’s ratings having remained consistently underwhelming (albeit steady) following the departure of creator Dan Harmon last May. Nevertheless, given that he’s the only member of the “Community” cast to have booked a pilot for next season (ABC’s “Spy”), it seems that Jeong (currently out promoting Michael Bay’s bodybuilder crime flick “Pain & Gain”) may well be parting ways with the show regardless of what happens. Not that he’s telling either way.

You can watch the full video above.

“Community’s” Season 4 finale airs on May 9.