Kevin Smith Claims That ‘Jay And Silent Bob Reboot’ Has Far More Visual Effects Shots Than ‘Star Wars’


Kevin Smith recently defended himself to critics who aren’t crazy about his new movies, but a new Smith revelation might not bode well for that same crowd. Or perhaps it will be just fine? It’s difficult to say what the outcome shall be, but the Mallrats director has unveiled a startling fact about his upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Reboot on his Fatman Beyond YouTube show. That’s been ground central for Smith letting folks know his Avengers-related cast news and other assorted tidbits, and via ComicBook.com, he makes a somewhat startling claim about Reboot‘s visual effects.

Smith states, quite openly, that the movie will hold “three times as many visual effects/CG/visual effects as they did in Star Wars.” That’s coming from the ultimate fan of the Star Wars franchise, so he knows of what he speaks, but it’s still an odd factoid to behold. More visual effects than a movie full of light sabers and explosions and lasers? Smith is completely serious and further explains that he’s not taking Reboot to space or anything goofy like that:

“It just means everything that counts as an effects shot. So, anytime we had people in a car, we didn’t do a process trailer, we didn’t put people in a car on top of a truck and drive the truck around. We just threw them on a green screen, or put them on a stage with a green screen behind them, and did the backgrounds later. Every one of those shots counts as an effects shot.”

So even Smith’s interior car shots have been shot against a green screen, which may sound odd, but it happens with TV shows all the time. Smith also points out that these aren’t necessarily expensive filmmaking practices, since he’s not “blowing up the Death Star,” but he’s still tallied up the threefold number of visual effects shots against Star Wars. Well, that’s showbiz today, and Jay and Silent Bob Reboot should arrive in late 2019.

Watch the full Fatman Beyond episode below.

(Via Comic Book)