Key And Peele Bid Farewell To President Obama With One Final Address On ‘The Daily Show’

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Key and Peele have been away from Comedy Central for more than a year, save for a few appearances on The Daily Show here and there. But with the exit of President Obama from The White House and a new year full of uncertainty, the duo is back on the network to give Obama a proper send off. Their delivery choice is the return of Luther, the president’s anger translator, and Jordan Peele’s Obama impression in one last address.

This sketch likely reached its peak when Luther shared a stage with the real President Obama at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2015, but a final hurrah isn’t exactly something to be ignored.

The sketch hits all the right marks, especially for those fearing the worst about the country over the next four years. There’s plenty shade being thrown at Donald Trump and his transition, with Luther providing the aggressive-aggressive act that we’ve come to expect. It also doesn’t shy away from hinting that the president might scorch the Earth on his way out the door — though the first family will still be living in DC, so not too much.

If anything, it’s nice to see the duo back on the network and back doing sketches. Their work since the end of the show has been great, but they really did leave the show on a high note that allows it to still feel fresh like this.

(Via The Daily Show)