John Mayer Joins ‘Star Wars’ Fans In Hiking Up Their Pants And Taking The ‘Kylo Ren Challenge’

Only one thing in The Last Jedi has truly brought together the divided Star Wars fanbaseKylo Ren’s high pants. The scene in which (spoilers) Rey and Kylo use the Force to connect their minds showed that the two characters have a deep connection and that Kylo Ren has some interesting fashion choices.

Beyond inspiring upper body workouts for 2018, the second-to-last (???) Skywalker has instigated the #KyloRenChallenge, in which people pull up pants above their bellybuttons and stare, shirtless and stoically, at the great expanses of space. Or their bathroom mirrors. Maybe a Blu-ray of The Force Awakens. Really, it’s impossible to tell what they’re looking at.

But the pants.

Maybe it’s not really a challenge per se, considering almost all humans can pull up their pants, but it’s still something that’s possibly bringing people outside of their comfort zones. So yeah, sure. Pulling up pants high around your waste and then (possibly) wishing that your uncle who tried to kill you was dead is a challenge, and both young and old are taking part. Even inanimate objects like a Lego man are yanking up their trousers.

Even John Mayer (who reviewed The Last Jedi succinctly) got in on the Kylo Ren Challenge:

(Via i09)