Listen: Fiona Apple’s take on Buddy Holly’s ‘Everyday’

It”s been quite a while since we”ve gotten any new music from Fiona Apple. While more time may have to pass before we get her own album, today we got her cover of Buddy Holly”s “Everyday.”

The song is included on “Rave On: Buddy Holly,” the June 28 set featuring covers of Holly-penned and/or recorded songs by the likes of the Black Keys, Paul McCartney, Florence + the Machine and lots of others.

Unlike some of the artists who have tackled Holly and revamped the tunes, Apple and producer Jon Brion do a fairly straight-up interpretation of the song. If anything, they”ve made it even sweeter with a lilting, playful xylophone that is, quite frankly, just adorable. There”s a certain dreamy wistfulness to the tune that”s very appealing due to her understated vocals and Brion’s harmonies.

As we previously reported, the last we heard from Apple was almost a year ago on a collection of tunes for a Los Angeles non-profit and on Margaret Cho’s album