Listen: Lil Wayne’s Super Bowl redux of Wiz Khalifa breeds ‘Green & Yellow’

Rapper and noted sports nut Lil Wayne is making it no secret which team is his pick to win the Super Bowl this year.

Wiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” — one of my top 30 tracks of 2010 — has served as the unofficial anthem of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ march to the NFL’s Big Dance this year. Weezy’s co-opted the tune and put his own rhymes to it, now, for “Green & Yellow,” to make it a track for the Green Bay Packers.

And he doesn’t hold back on your favorite processed foods for his disses (even though “this ain’t a diss song”).

“I’m a Cheesehead / y’all n*ggas Cheeze Whiz,” he raps, playing off of Wiz’ good name.

In his newest contribution to the hashtag rap meme: “We gon’ toast these n*ggas / Poptarts”

He name checks the Lambeau Leap and makes sure to clarify, “[Though] I’m form New Orleans…” he’s a Packers fan. Anyway, Brees had his time in first round of the playoffs.

Listen to “Green & Yellow” here.

Listen to “Black & Yellow” here.

Which team should win, if it were up to these tracks?