Listen: The MCP continues Toronto with Gus Van Sant, Paul Williams, and the Duplass brothers

To be honest, I think we went overboard.  But for good reason.

I mean, four hours of podcasting in one week?  Good lord.  Sure, that first podcast had no less than five interviews from the Toronto Midnight Madness section of this year’s festival, and a great conversation with Bobcat Goldthwait, another with the filmmakers behind “Livid,” and yet another with Eduardo Sanchez.  It was overstuffed with goodness, and there was some conversation about Netflix and Kevin Costner and other things as well, so if that was it, that would already been one of our better weeks.

But no.  No, I had to push it.  I had to try to put together two full giant podcasts this week, so that we’d have all of our Toronto coverage up and done and nothing hanging over me for after Fantastic Fest.  That meant we had to do another full-length podcast so that I’d have room to run the rest of the interviews.  After all, I’ve got an interview here with Gus Van Sant about his new film “Restless,” an interview with ’70s icon Paul Williams and Steven Kessler, the guy who made the documentary about him, and with the Duplass Brothers on their lovely new film “Jeff Who Lives At Home.”  I can’t sit on that stuff.  I want you to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed having the conversations during the fest.

That sounds complicated enough, but then I decided to try a round of Movie God and Remake This! where we’d have you guys call in and play the games with us.  And it’s not something I organized, either, but just something we tried at the last minute.  We ended up getting a call from George Roush, also known as El Guapo during his days on Latino Review, a call from Ali Arikan in Istanbul, and a call from Edward Doty, a friend here in Los Angeles.  The result is one of my favorite segments we’ve done on the podcast so far.

Overall, this turned out to be a great night of recording, and I hope you’re enjoying all of this stuff.  Here’s the full breakdown of the episode if you want to hear something specific:

Introduction:  00:00 – 02:00
More On Toronto, including “Shame,” “A Dangerous Method,” and “Take This Waltz:  02:00 – 10:30
Gus Van Sant on “Restless”:  10:30 – 30:00
Paul Williams and Steven Kessler on “Paul Williams Still Alive”:  30:00 – 52:00
Mark and Jay Duplass on “Jeff, Who Lives At Home”:  52:00 – 1:07:00
Call-in Movie God and Remake This!:  1:07:00 – 1:36:00
Wrapping It Up:  1:36:00 – 1:40:15

We may record some segments here at Fantastic Fest, but there won’t be a new podcast until October 3rd or 4th.

Until then, you can play this one in the embedded player, download it here, or find the podcast on iTunes as “The MCP,” or by searching for my name, Drew McWeeny.  Please leave us feedback and let us know what you’re enjoying so we can continue to polish the show, and we appreciate you spending the time with us.