Listen to Pitbull yell at you for 3 minutes in new ‘Men In Black 3’ song

For all the anticipation and money going into “Men In Black 3,” there was a collective shrug from the internet when it was announced that Pitbull would be composing its theme. 

Continue shrugging. “Back in Time” is a high-mastered, thudding bumbler, with Pitbull’s big-mouthed, good-timing, half-handed zingers draped in samples from a well-known, beloved former hit (Micky & Sylvia”s “Love Is Strange”) and a few bars of dubstep just to prove it’s “with it.” In other words, it’s a Black Eyed Peas song without lady vocals.

What next, Ke$ha doing a “James Bond” theme?

…Actually, forget I said that.

“Back in Time” is precisely what the MIB crew (Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones) must do in order to uncover secrets from the past in the new “3” film, due in 3D in theaters on May 25. As previously reported, director Barry Sonnenfeld was turned on to Pitbull by his 19-year old daughter, who is now to blame. There’s still time to have the Fresh Prince to come in and pinch-hit.

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