Listen to M83’s title song to the ‘Oblivion’ soundtrack

The hope is M83’s new song “Oblivion” from the film “Oblivion” will have you out of your seat. And then probably back in your seat, because standing up in a movie theater is rude.

However, this electro-ballad is likely to play over the end credits, so get your coat: the generic “I’ve been waiting for you / waiting for a sign / (something something)” lyrics don’t do much for singer Susanne Sundfør’s pretty, hearty voice, and the climax feels like all-artifice, less gentle and subtle than M83’s Anthony Gonzalez’ usual hand on the beats.

Still, “StarWaves” is pretty decent. There’s that to have and hold when the “Oblivion” soundtrack drops on April 9. “Oblivion” is in theaters 10 days later, on April 19.