Mark Hamill And Chris Evans Definitively Weigh In On The Light Saber Vs. Shield Debate

06.28.18 9 months ago 2 Comments


With real-world concerns absorbing much of the Internet’s energy this week, it’s sometimes nice to kick back with hypotheticals that feed escapism. Such as the age-old question of whether a light saber could defeat Captain America’s vibranium shield if they came to blows. Not that such a crossover would ever actually happen, but hey, inquiring minds are persistent little beasts.

Fortunately, Twitter exists, and the actors who play the iconic Luke Skywalker and Cap were happy to weigh in for a weary, desperate father, who said the matter involved “the toughest question I’ve ever had to answer as a father.”

Hamill knows exactly what would happen in both universes, and he’s probably correct. The MCU would clearly never let Cap’s shield go down in such a manner, and within the Star Wars universe, Skywalker wouldn’t go to battle against a hero.

Still, Hamill wants everyone to know that yes, Cap’s shield would be vibranium dust if the two were forced to step into the ring for a charity fight.

Evans, who is no stranger to getting punchy on social media, was happy to play along in a faux-combative mode. He pointed out that it would be terribly unwise for Skywalker to slice up the shield, which would only allow Cap to wield “vibranium ninja stars.” Those sound cool.

It’s summer, everyone, and if you’ve seen all the blockbusters currently in theaters, this is what shall pass for entertainment until Ant-Man And The Wasp comes to town on July 6.

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