Mark Hamill Tries To Use The Force On Jimmy Kimmel As They Get Into Some Literal ‘Star Wars’ On The Walk Of Fame

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Mark Hamill will cap off his triumphant return to Star Wars by receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday, becoming the 2,630th star added to the famous sidewalk. But though he’ll have his own ceremony and place of honor that he can enjoy or work to keep clean on a daily basis, he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday to share that he’d thought he found the perfect spot. Sadly, it was taken by Kimmel’s star.

This didn’t deter the man behind Luke Skywalker, so he grabbed some construction clothes and a jackhammer to go to work on the star and make way for his on Thursday morning. Kimmel tries to explain that this isn’t how it works, but Hamill tries to persuade him a bit — first using the Jedi mind trick and then trying to lure Kimmel away to Hooters to place his star out front and likely dine on some of those wings.

It’s Star Wars for real for Hamill in this segment, though Kimmel knew one thing that would get him to stop. Tying into Hamill’s taunts against the president over the past year, the host informs the Star Wars hero that Trump has his own star on the walk nearby. Hamill sprints away but leaves his jackhammer behind. This either means he’s just forgetful or he’s got some other things in mind for Trump’s star.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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