There’s Only One Marvel Cinematic Universe Title Hero Who Hasn’t Killed Anyone


The “official” death toll in Avengers: Infinity War is 22 characters, including [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted], but really, it’s 22, plus half the universe. That’s 3.8 billion people on Earth alone. Most of the kills in Infinity War came courtesy of Thanos, but The Hulk, Bruce Banner, Iron Man, and Vision added to the body count, too. They’re not the only cut-throat good guys and girls in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, either: a Reddit user kindly put together a list of everyone who’s been killed, and who the killer was, in all 20 Marvel movies.

It’s like a superhero edition of Clue: Yinsen, Raza, and Iron Monger were killed by the Ten Rings organization, Iron Monger, and Pepper Potts in Iron Man by a rifle, firing squad, and “arc reactor overload,” respectively. (Pepper also eliminated Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3. GOOP‘s got guts.) The Guardians of the Galaxy collectively took out Ronan, Black Panther stabbed Killmonger, and the Avengers get the assist for helping Vision end Ultron. (For the purposes of these findings, an “assist” counts as much as a “killer.”) In fact, there’s only one MCU hero who’s nowhere to be found on the spreadsheet of death: The Wasp.

Comic Book makes a convincing argument that Spider-Man should also be exempt (“When it comes to Ebony Maw, Iron Man is really the one who did most of the work, with Spidey only contributing the idea.. We’re letting it slide, especially since his suit essentially has a kill mode that he was horrified by and turned off in Homecoming”), but he still gets an assist for sending “Squidward” to the vacuum of space. J. Jonah Jameson was right: Spider-Man is a menace!

You can check out the complete findings here.

(Via Reddit)

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