A Marvel Comics Editor Shares How He Got His Banned Disneyland Star Wars Coke Bottle Through TSA

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Star Wars fans can’t contain their excitement this month after the D23 Expo’s unveiling of The Mandalorian trailer for Disney+ and new Rise of Skywalker footage. Their boundless enthusiasm poured over into Walt Disney World’s Galaxy’s Edge opening on Thursday morning, where rides were packed long before sunrise. The attraction’s also big news at Disneyland, and nearby at the Anaheim Convention Center, D23 attendees received Coca Cola-themed bottles that looked like replica bomb bottles. These keepsakes have, naturally, caused more than a few concerns for TSA airport security lines.

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Well, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski, who departed D23 earlier this week after hosting an 80th anniversary panel, let his Twitter followers know (possibly too late for many) that he had very little issue with getting his bottle through the security mess. All he needed to do, apparently, was take the bottle out of his carry-on bag in advance, remove the top, and give the attending agent a heads-up. Easy peasy, and he slipped right through the rest of the line.

This obviously presents a slippery slope of sorts, but Cebulski didn’t have any Coke left in his bottle, so he could prove that nothing was amiss inside (whereas the rest of us have to dump our half-full water bottles or drink up fast). Still, it’s not like the TSA’s going to start letting people haul lightsabers onto the airplane, just Coke keepsakes, and all those posters from D23. Nerds are so high-maintenance, man, but at least we have fun during the ride.