The First Trailer For ‘The Mandalorian’ Needs Few Words To Get Fans Excited

Until Friday, we knew very little about The Mandalorian, one of the big Star Wars shows that Disney hopes can prop up its Disney+ streaming service along with a slew of Marvel content. We knew, for example, that Jon Favreau would be handling the show itself, and he’s shared some details about it on Instagram.

We’ve heard recently to expect a “darker, freakier” show, at least compared to the campy fun that’s often dominated the Star Wars universe. But our first look at The Mandalorian, which saw its first trailer launch at D23 in Anaheim on Friday, finally gives us a look at what the show will really feel like. And “gritty” and gripping are certainly two good words to describe the first trailer.

The trailer starts with a lot of dead Stormtroopers, with helmets scattered on the floor and others on pikes. From there the titular bounty hunter walks by and walks up to a bar. Then, a number of different characters flash on the screen.


“Bounty hunting is a complicated profession,” Werner Herzog’s voice finally says about a minute into the trailer, just as a Mandalorian kicks off a fight scene. “Don’t you agree?”

Herzog’s character doesn’t appear on screen until later, and honestly there’s not much concrete given here. There’s a lot of buildup in the trailer and very little action, but it certainly shows that the show will be much darker than other Star Wars ventures. Also, the titular Mandalorian looks great here.


Ewan McGregor confirmed he’ll be back in the Star Wars universe at D23 on Friday as well. Also of Star Wars note, the next season of Clone Wars will drop in February.

Still, Favreau’s Mandalorian remains the show everyone will be talking about until it launches on November 12 on Disney+.