Marvel’s John Romita Jr. taking over DC’s ‘Superman’

(CBR) Following early rumors of Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. taking over “Superman,” DC has confirmed via its DC All Access web series that the duo will indeed be the next “Superman” creative team — but they’re not the only creators involved with “Superman.” Legendary “Daredevil” and “The Dark Knight Returns” artist Klaus Janson will also join the series as inker, reuniting with Romita Jr. for the first time since the duo worked together on “Captain America.” In addition, Janson will take on other penciling, writing and variant cover work for DC. “Superman” marks a surprising departure for Romita Jr., who is best known for his longstanding relationship with Marvel, with a body of work that includes “The Avengers,” “Daredevil,” “Amazing Spider-Man,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Thor” and more.
“We’re taking over the ‘Superman’ monthly comic book this summer,” Johns said in the All Access segment. “We’ve been talking about Superman for quite a while and it’s going to be a blast.”
“This is going to be very interesting,” said Romita Jr. “I’m actually a little intimidated, seeing all the artists that have done his image before. This is not an easy thing to sail smoothly through.”
“I share your nervousness, but I also have confidence,” Johns responded. “I’m really excited about the pair-up.”
The new creative team will presumably take over from current writer Scott Lobdell, who started with the title’s zero issue in October 2012. Lobdell has had the longest run on “Superman” in the New 52, currently slated to write the title through April’s “Superman” #30.

IGN spoke with Johns and Romita Jr. about coming on to the monthly, and the duo teased a bit of their creative process and things to come for the Man of Steel.

“I think working with somebody like John, who has ideas of his own, we’d go back and forth and amplify each other,” Johns told IGN. “That’s really where I get my excitement about working on a project, is when I speak with an artist and we actually become real, creative collaborators. It’s not about handing a script over and then having the pages drawn. It’s gotta be about that collaboration. You talk and formulate ideas and themes before you even start writing or drawing. For me, that’s the key to a great relationship. Again, like I said, it’s a lifelong dream. It’s such an honor to work with John, because I’ve followed his work of course for years. So it’s really a dream come true, and it’s great to be back on Superman.”

Check out the full DC All Access episode below.