Mick Jagger and ‘Boardwalk Empire’ team ready to rock at HBO

“The Boardwalk Empire” team is reassembling at HBO, and they're ready to rock.

In a supergroup of talent, Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence Winter are teaming to bring an “Untitled Rock and Roll Series” to the cable channel.

The as-yet-untitled drama will boast a typically strong cast led by “Boardwalk” vet Bobby Cannavale, Ray Romano and Olivia Wilde. 

The logline of the show, as per the press release: “Set in 1970″s New York, the series will explore the drug and sex fueled music business as punk and disco were breaking out, all through the eyes of a record executive (Cannavale) trying to resurrect his label and find the next new sound.”

HBO has ordered the hour-long drama to series. It will shoot in New York.

The sprawling cast also includes Juno Temple, Andrew “Dice” Clay, Ato Essandoh, Max Casella and James Jagger as the lead singer of a punk band called the Nasty Bits.

“Boardwalk” creator Terence Winter will act as showrunner, writer and executive producer, while Scorsese will serve as executive producer and will also directed the pilot, as he did for “Boardwalk.” Jagger will bring his 50+ years as frontman for the Rolling Stones to the table as exec producer. Jagger and The Stones have collaborated with Scorsese numerous times, including the 2008 concert film “Shine a Light.”

Meanwhile, Scorsese is said to be developing a feature biopic about The Ramones, which would also be set in the 1970s NYC music scene.