Did Natalie Dormer ‘give the game away’ on Jon Snow’s fate?

Poor Natalie Dormer has a movie coming out tomorrow (“The Forest“), but all anyone wants to ask her about when she's doing press for it is “Game of Thrones.” 

She indulged Jimmy Kimmel a bit the other night, and maybe possibly gave up a spoiler or two. Ready? Keep scrolling.

Margaery is finally getting out of that dungeon. Or they just filmed her dungeon scenes in Spain, for some reason. “I was in Spain a lot this year, actually,” Dormer said. Kimmel pointed out that that would seem to mean Margaery is no longer imprisoned. “There are dungeons in Spain,” Dormer responded. Yeah, sure. Maybe Dormer got to travel to Spain to shoot scenes in a dungeon, or maybe …

We're going to see Highgarden. Dormer said she tries not to be spoiled on what's going on with other characters' storylines, so she “only read[s] the scripts that are relevant to Margaery and Highgarden — um, and King's Landing.” 

Jon Snow is not dead. Or at least, not gone. Dormer said it was “pretty intense” being asked about Jon's fate for a while, but “now there's been some posters up that maybe have given a little bit of the game away.” She added: “when you get stabbed that many times, you're pretty much dead.” “Pretty much?” Classic British understatement, or is she saying that Jon is close to death, but not actually dead? At this point, it's a foregone conclusion that we'll see Jon Snow again in season 6. But we still don't know how.