Nathan Fillion’s Role In ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Was Not What It Seemed According To James Gunn

Much was made about Nathan Fillion’s possible role in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 when it leaked a year ago. The role was supposed to be Simon Williams, the villain turned Avenger turned actor known as Wonder Man, and many were speculating that it was a bridge to Infinity War from the next adventure of the Guardians. That turns out not to be entirely true, at least as far as the character appearing in James Gunn’s sequel to Marvel’s hit.

Fillion posted the image above on Friday, hinting that he was in the film with a glorious set of hair but had to be left on the cutting room floor. He looks less like the Wonder Man you might remember from the comics and more like Conan The Barbarian, but it seems like this look was just a tease. As fans got upset and shared the image on social media, James Gunn stepped in to clear things up a bit. The director pointed out that there was never a scene featuring Fillion, it was just a goof by the Firefly star:

Williams was in the movie in one form, apparently, but that scene was indeed cut from the film. But it has nothing to do with any superheroing or space fighting:

That doesn’t mean there’s a lack lot of fine cameos to be made in the film, including that Sylvester Stallone appearance and another surprise featuring a very popular music star.

He looks more like Arkon from the X-Men anyway, right? That means we’re getting a massive crossover film in phase 4. Book it. Rumor confirmed, right there next to the Power Pack film we all want.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)