New ‘Doctor Who’ monster looks like it stepped right out of Bioshock

Ahead of Series 9, the BBC and “Doctor Who” are asking, “What”s that in the shadows?” The subject of that query was fans' first look at a brand-new alien creature, albeit hidden in shadows.

Well, it looks kind of like a metal trashcan with a space heater inside of it but what do I know?

Image Credit: BBC via RadioTimes

I wasn't the only one squinting (and adjusting tones in Photoshop) to make out any details in the vaguely named “Block 3 Monster.” Rather than ruin our collective eyesight, the BBC released a much better look at the creature.

Image Credit: BBC via RadioTimes.

In broad daylight, s/he looks a Big Daddy prototype from the “Bioshock” video game series mated with a Yo Gabba Gabba creature. It could be a coincidence. Or it could be another send up to a fellow sci-fi franchise. After all, Garrus Vakarian of “Mass Effect” showed up last season. Whoever is inside the suit – whether a character or just the puppeteer – is standing next to director Ed Bazalgette. Bazalgette is in charge of the “Doctor Who” episodes starring Maisie Williams. Who else suddenly hopes she's playing creepy “Little Sister” to this rusted metal man?