‘The Predator’ Goes Up Against Special Forces In A New Trailer

Shane Black, cast member from the original Predator and also the writer and director behind The Nice Guys, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3, is back to show us a homicidal alien. But this time around, the Predator is squarely in the U.S. Army’s wheelhouse.

This trailer reveals a bit more about the plot, via Sterling K. Brown’s alien hunter. It appears that a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, Quinn (Boyd Holbrook) stumbles over a crashed Predator ship, with an extremely unhappy Predator inside of it. After his squad is wiped out, Quinn and the Predator are trucked off to a secret military facility where they proceed to try and dissect a seven-foot alien that can throw a truck and has been trained in martial arts since birth. Once that goes horribly wrong, it’s up to Quinn and a team of Special Forces with a strong resemblance to the Dirty Dozen to take out the Predator. Adding a complication to the mix? The Predator is on the run from something else…

Behind the camera is Black, and co-writer Fred Dekker, who’s been a cult figure in the horror community for years thanks to his work on Tales From The Crypt and The Monster Squad. So, among other things, the Predator should watch his nards. We’ll see who else faces the worst of the worst September 14th.